ご注文にあたってのご案内 / Terms and conditions
 御注文法 / Order


ショッピングカートでご注文されますと、ご注文内容がお客様の元へ自動メールで送られて来ます。在庫確認後、確認メールを送らせていただきま すので、内容に間違いがないかお確かめの上、ご返信下さい。お申し込み内容に間違いや変更、キャンセル等ございましたらその旨明記して返信し てください。確認メールの返信があった時点で、正式にご注文をお受けさせていただきます。

e-mail・FAXでご注文の場合は住所、氏名、電話・FAX番号、e-mailアドレス、ご希望の商品番号、金額、サイズ、数、お支払い方法(郵便振替・ 代金引換)を必ず明記して下さい。


Please use the shopping cart system for your order. If you have difficulty sending your order using the shopping cart, and only in this case, you may send your order by e-mail or fax.

When you send your order through the shopping cart system, you will receive an e-mail by auto-response. After receiving your order, we will send you an e-mail to confirm your order. When you have received this confirmation e-mail, we kindly ask you to check the contents of the e-mail with your actual order for any mistakes. If you found mistakes or want to change or cancel your order, please let us know by e-mail immediately, otherwise, we will proceed with your order.

If you don’t receive an e-mail from us within two days after you have sent us your order, it might be because your order hasn’t reached us and we kindly ask you to re-send your order to us.

  お支払い方法 / Terms of payment


For payments inside Japan it is cash on delivery or prepayment by postal order,

  送料手数料 / Shipping charges

商品によっては安全の為、配達記録郵便にてお届 け します。振込手数料、送料、配達記録郵便又は代金引換手数料はお客様の負担となります。送料代は商品の重さなどによって変わりま すの で、御注文を頂いた後、メールでお知らせいたします。

代金引換の場合は、商品到着時に郵便局員の方に送料手数料を含めた代金をお渡しして商品をお受け取りください。お留守の場合、後日お近くの郵 便 局にてお受け取りいただけます。

If you make your payment by postal order we request you include your home phone number. Except for stickers, all goods will be sent by delivery recorded mail for safety purposes. All expenses as cash on delivery mail, sending a postal order, postal charges or delivery recorded mail charges have to be paid by the customer. As the postal charges are dependent on the weight of the goods as well as your location, we will inform you of the postal charges by mail, after receipt of your order.

In case of cash on delivery, you will have to pay the goods, including postal charges when the postman delivers your goods to you. If you are not at home at the time of delivery, you may go and fetch your parcel at your nearby post office the next day.

If you order outside Japan , we will send you the goods by SAL air mail, which is the cheapest airmail solution.

  商品のお届け / Delivery

振り込みが届いた後、2〜5日(土日祝を除く)程度で配達記録郵便にて商品をお届けいたします。代金控えの場合、ご注文受付後、2〜5日(土日祝を 除く)程度で配達記録郵便にて商品をお届けいたします。当会のヴォランティアースタッフは仕事をもちながら団体の為の仕事をさせていただいている為、忙しい時はご連絡するのは遅くなる場合がございます。

We deliver the goods within 5 working days after receipt of your payment. In case of cash on delivery, we deliver the goods within 3 working days after receipt of your order.

For orders outside Japan : Customs departments will randomly select packages, which they will open and check. Although it does not happen often, they will sometimes open the interior packaging. Unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility for these occurrences as we have no control over Customs officials.

  消費税 / tax


No sales tax is collected

  返品・交換 / Return Policy

お届けした商品が、お申し込み商品と異なっていたり、商品不良等当方の責任による返品・交換の場合は、返送料当方負担にてお取り替えさせてい ただきます。

お客様のご都合による返品・交換の場合、初回送料及び返送料はお客様のご負担となります。ご返金をご希望の場合は送金手数料を差し引いた金額 を送金いたします。



If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may exchange it or return it for a full refund within one week after receipt of the goods. But please inform us first by e-mail prior to returning the goods. (We are sorry but we cannot refund shipping charges.) We simply ask that you return the item in the same condition in which it was received.

After receipt of the returned goods, we will, before sending you the refund, deduct the shipping costs we incurred for returning you the money.

If the goods are in your possession for over a week, or if you have already used them, you can neither exchange them for other goods, nor return them.

  お問い合わせ / Contact information


オンラインショップで販売しいてる商品の実物はレストラン・ランゼン内でご覧になれます 営業時間(11:30-14:00 17:00-22:00)

If you have any questions please contact us at the below address.

事務局: チベット レストラン・ランゼン内 〒602-0872 京都市上京区駒之町554-3
Tel: 075-256-0859

Tibet Aid,Japan
Komano-cho 554-3,Kamigyo-ku, 602-0872 Kyoto, Japan
Tel: +81 075-256-0859

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